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Is lichen planus a precancerous lesion?

Is lichen planus a precancerous lesion?

Oral leukoplakia (white plaques) and oral lichen planus have the potential to transform into oral cancer.

This article as listed I recommend to read describes a series of nine patients with an initial clinical-microscopic diagnosis of lichen planus. During close follow-up, these patients developed localized areas of white plaques at intervals ranging from one and a half to six and a half years.  Their management of these two conditions differs with leukoplakia (white plaques) requiring surgical intervention.  Therefore accurate diagnosis by a specialist trained in oral pathology and oral medicine is imperative.

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Nita Chainani-Wu, DMD, MS, PhD; Daniel M. Purnell, MPH; and Sol Silverman Jr., MA, DDS Oral Leukoplakia Development in Patients With Pre-Existing Oral Lichen Planus,  CDA Journal, Vol 43:35-39