For Referring Doctors

Dear Referring Doctors: 

The practice in Oral Pathology, Clinical Oral Pathology (Oral Medicine), and Orofacial Pain are traditionally only available in dental schools with three separate divisions. Dr. Su has had the training and expertise to integrate all these three separate divisions (Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, and Orofacial Pain) into one private practice. This unique and highly specialized practice is available now in our local communities to serve clinicians and your patients with special needs. 

The following services are provided for the healthcare professionals in both dental and medical fields: 

Clinical Consultation Services in oral pathology, oral medicine (click for info) and orofacial pain (click for info), are based on two locations in the cities of Westlake Village and Orange. The clinical services in these locations have been very well received by our local communities in the past decades.

Download forms:

Referral form and map for Westlake Village office Referral form and map for Orange office

Laboratory Services in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (click for info) offer rapid delivery of high quality reports within 24 hours of specimen receipt. We routinely fax and then mail you a copy of your biopsy reports. Some of you may have benefited from our clinical care for your patients. We believe you also will benefit from our lab services, a unique perspective that we bring into a diagnosis both clinically and histopathologically.

Download forms:

Biopsy request form Tissue submission policy Free biopsy kits request


How much does a biopsy cost? What can we quote our patients?
There is a green slip attached to the biopsy request form explaining the details of charges or fees. Please give the green slip to your patient at the time of biopsy. You may also call us at 1-818-865-1039 should you have more questions.
Do you accept insurance?
We are not contracted with any insurance companies and have opted out of Medicare and Medicaid. Third party reimbursement can interfere with the doctor-patient relationship limiting the level of service. We bill the patient fee for service and file a claim on their behalf to their insurance provider for direct reimbursement to the patient. We cannot file claims to Medicare, Medicaid or HMOs.
What do I tell my patient about your service (Patient Information)?
Explain to the patient that we are specialists in oral and head and neck pathology and that your doctor has chosen to send your biopsy to us for the highest level of service and most specific diagnosis possible. Explain our billing policy and that they will be getting a bill in the mail from Su Oral Pathology Lab Services (information is on the green slip provided for your patient). Ensure the patient provides the insurance information and send photocopies with the requisition form. Finally please make sure the patient signs the informed consent on the requisition form to avoid delays. We are unable to process biopsies if the consent is not signed.
How do I order biopsy kits?
You can order biopsy kits by calling us at 1-818-865-1039. If it is after hours please leave a message and call back number. Or you can fill out the order form by downloading: click here.
When will I get the results?
Our turn around time is generally 24hrs from the time the biopsy is received. It may take longer if additional testing is needed (special stains) or other processing e.g. decalcification. All malignant diagnoses are called in directly by the attending pathologist to the doctor. The report is faxed to your office the same day it is diagnosed by the attending pathologist and a hard copy follows in the mail.
How do I send the biopsy?
We offer courier pick up service for Conejo Valley and Camerillo. We also use US mail for other areas not serviced by our courier service and we pay all costs of mailing.
How do I send X-rays or clinical images for the biopsy or for consultation?
You can send the images electronically by email or you can attach hard copies to the requisition form or send a CD of the files. If sending by email please remove all patient identifiers or use secure HIPPA compliant encryption.
Do you offer Direct Immunofluorescence (DIF) studies?
Yes, we can arrange this service. It requires submitting the biopsy in a special transport media called Michel’s solution. Just call our office a week before the patient is scheduled for their biopsy and we will arrange to send you a bottle of Michel’s. This is an expensive procedure that we do not perform in house and please call for current pricing to quote your patient.