Clinical Oral Pathology or Oral Medicine

Oral diseases and their relationship to overall health have become more and more apparent in today’s medical fields. Early diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and conditions can greatly improve medical outcomes, and early involvement by oral and maxillofacial pathologists can be a critical link in bringing together the best in oral health care. 

Because of their unique diagnostic skills and expertise focused on the oral and maxillofacial regions, oral pathologists can provide the highest standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions that are not responsive to conventional medical, dental, oral or maxillofacial surgical procedures. 

There are about 300 diseases that may occur in and around the mouth. Many are unique to the oral regions, some are similar to disease seen elsewhere, and still others spread to the oral region from other parts of the body. Included among these conditions are many that cause serious consequences if not recognized, classified, and treated early.

Some common symptoms that you may experience including: 

  • Soreness or burning in the mouth
  • White and red lesions that may be oral cancer or precancer
  • Dryness, taste changes or bad breath
  • Red and puffy gums that may be autoimmune diseases
  • Swellings or bumps
  • Ulcerations
  • Oral manifestation of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections
  • Halitosis

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